A Sync Profile refers to the setup of 2 available software applications where one application is synced to another application bidirectionally.  This includes all the settings for both applications including connection configuration, Sync Add-On selections, Field Mapping and Sync Scheduling. See the Top 8 FAQs around SyncApps integration functionality.

After you create an account, you will get instant access to all integrations for 2 weeks and we don't require a credit card during the trial, so you get to try SyncApps risk-free. Our team will email you 7 days into your 2 weeks trial to make sure your integration testing is going well and again before the trial ends so you can choose one of our three paid subscription plans including, (Basic, Professional or Enterprise) or our Free Plan. You'll purchase the best plan for your organization and your current trial account will be upgraded automatically so that all your data mapping is just as you left it, intact. If you need help getting your integration set-up our support team can assist 24/7.

SyncApps is powered by Rackspace’s powerful data centers, which are protected by state-of-the-art enterprise-class physical and firewall security so you know your data is always safe as it moves thru your 256Bit SSL Bank level secure SyncApps Platform. SyncApps does not store any customer data outside of name, email and contact information upon signup.

Have a look at our Privacy Policy for more details on our commitment to your data security.

For more details, please see our extensive Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy.
We can provide training to ensure you're successfully implementing SyncApps. Our integration experts can work directly with you to help you achieve your integration and implementation plans, without breaking the bank. Find out how today!
Yes! Whether during of our Free Trial or while subscribing to one of our paid plans, you can change your SyncApps plan at any time by logging into your account, tapping on Upgrade to switch plans or cancel.